Welcome to our adventure on Sailing Silver Wings.

We hope to document our preparations and journey aboard our Pearson 367 Silver Wings.

We continually benefit by the blogs of others  and hope that we can contribute by sharing our experiences here.


Welcome to Sailing Silver Wings

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to Sailing Silver Wings

    1. Hey Doc, thanks for the comment and all the help getting our medical kit together. We had a great trip down the coast. Glad to have the hardest part behind us.

  1. Watching your good progress. Looks like you are saying farewell to the land and are heading out. How is your garden? Have a safe and great adventure!

  2. When youe Saturday came for departure, I checked the winds. Ot lopked lime you’d have 15 knots from the South. How was your run?

  3. I am excited to see your blog posts! Please post lots of pictures of food and sea animal sightings. I would love to see your machine that converts seawater to fresh water. Love to you guys!

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