We woke up the next morning at 8:30am and moved slowly. I had breakfast made by 11:30. We ate at the table in the cockpit and took a nap at the back of our boat under the Bimini. Then we decided to come back in and take a serious nap waking up at 5 pm. Why not we are cruising and can take the time to recharge.
Thankfully the next morning we are moving normally. We are at a very calm anchorage and start to see the surf break at the beach right beyond us. Before we pulled anchor around 11am the word was out and half a dozen boats with surf 🏄 boards loaded to the max came motoring by. They came by land in ATV’s surfs up bro we are in Southern California no doubt about it.
We motored along Santa Barbara Channel and noticed the oil rigs and the Channel Islands in the distance. We started to see oil in the water thick and black and our hearts sunk, looking at the obvious evidence. We were relieved to later find out Coal Oil Point is aptly named. This is a natural seepage phenomenon that happens right there. We did not see or were aware of any other oil in the water after that.
We got to Santa Barbara and shared the anchorage with a huge cruise ship and many other boats. The hills directly behind the beach are a breath taking sight.
The next day we get a slip in the marina for a couple of days to again wait out some weather. We got to catch up with a sister (Vicky) of my best friend growing up (Ina) and she was nice enough to come to the marina for a short visit.
We really enjoyed walking long distances to this beautiful and clean city . After doing necessary errands the bus system would usually bring us back. We enjoyed an art walk along the main street and we also walked the wharf.

Cojo to leaving Santa Barbara

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