We got into the marina about 07:15 and immediately slept for four hours. Our watch schedule had been 3hours on 3off. After a few days of that it catches up with you and so we enjoyed a bit of a nap. We checked into the marina and found out what a wonderful place this would be.
The front line employees were the nicest and most helpful group we could ever want.
Getting ready to leave the states and sail is daunting. The Cabrillo staff eased anything they could for all of us as many here were transient sailors gearing up for the next leg. We had cases of this and that sent here, replacement parts etc. Also the Papanani’s Deli was superb. Great food really reasonable prices and characters on staff.
We found out that not only a friendly and helpful staff was part of the marina but we had the use of 3 pools and 3 hot tubs, SCORE!
Days were spent working on the boat and a hot tub soak at night. We also walked everyday to many different errands and would Uber or bus home.
As we were on our boat working we got a very special visit. We looked up to see Lenny and Carol the previous owners of our boat. They were also in the marina on there new beautiful boat Dragonfly. We look forward to many days ahead sailing , snorkeling and traveling together.
Risto got a visit on the boat from a childhood (Evergreen CO) friend Kurt. We enjoyed catching up and marveling where life had brought all of us.
Our ex neighbor Jackie (Bothell) came for a visit, she now lives in Tustin CA. We enjoyed Coronado Island and went for a fabulous dinner in downtown San Diego.
My sister Jenna and her husband Dennis drove from Phoenix to send us off.  We had such a great time enjoying being together . We took them for an afternoon sail and sailed close by the 330foot yacht . We also enjoyed the Maritime Museum spending almost an entire afternoon at the many exhibits. Jenna and Dennis helped us with errands as we didn’t have a car, thanks again.
Risto and I found out we needed to get a certain form for our boat to enter Mexico. It was not absolutely necessary before we left but it is not our nature to leave it hanging. So we did rent a car for a day and went to Otay Mesa a border town. We paid a gas station attendant $10 to safely park our car and walked across the border into Mexico 🇲🇽 to get our necessary form. We walked back across into the USA🇱🇷 the whole process less than an hour. Having a car for the day we spent the afternoon doing errands.
Jackie came once again with homemade poki and poached smoked salmon. She took us to Costco for a major run what a trooper.
The marina hosted a Halloween party with lots of food, drink and fun. We carved out time to go as we were leaving in two days, on Monday the 30th of October.
Our crew member Joey flew in from Seattle (Oct 28th) and our other crew member Joe was from our “D”dock at Cabrillo Isle.
San Diego West Marine hosted the Baja Ha Ha send off costume party. This was a barbecue and info gathering gala. Lots of fun for sure including meeting lots of fellow sailors. All of us (150 boats) we’re leaving for Cabo in the morning⚓️

San Diego

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