We get a slip for 1week at Maria Cortez. The marina ius right in town just off of the Malecon, so very convenient.

We plan a course of action and get working. Our boat is a salt slick and we have the luxury of having our boat cleaned on the outside by the marina.

All of the bedding and clothes go to the laundry. The v berth mattress gets hosed down with fresh water and laid on edge to dry for days. All of the interior surfaces, cabinets, floor ,ceiling, get wiped down with vinegar. The food is taken out of the cabinets and the packaging is  also wiped down with vinegar. All of the different sized plastic storage bags are individually wiped down and laid out to dry,hundreds. No one could walk in the cockpit or along the deck as there were  so many things draped.

The ports are taken out of their holes (very messy work) and rebedded with all of the material we had brought with us. This whole process takes a week.

During this week Thanksgiving is upon us. We have the splendid news Miss Brynn Rose graces the world at 04:10 Pacific time on Thanksgiving. Nika Poppy wakes up at 06:30 and immediately dances and sings for her sister. Mom and dad doing just fine and relieved everything went so well. She is a beauty and no pictures will be posted here.

The joyous news makes it a breeze to work and we set our sites on joining the Thanksgiving meal put on by a local restaurant for 150 cruisers who are displaced from family and friends. We had a wonderful meal

Along with  working we do enjoy walking the Malecon, listening to local music, and tasting the fabulous food at the local restaurants.

We really enjoy open air or al fresco dining. There are plenty to these kind of restaurants to choose from in La Paz. We would work for a wile and then for lunch take a short walk and have a fabulous light lunch and return to the boat. The exchange rate has been around 18% so it’s very affordable.

We have found once again the best milk on the planet and only around this area. When we had our vacation here Luke bought some. Kim wondered aloud Will they deliver to Seattle? So we couldn’t resist sending them this pic.


It’s the 29th of November and time to move on South as the weather is definitely changing. We will plan on coming back here in the Spring when the weather is more favorable for cruising.


La Paz

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